Nosara Design
To me, creating ambiance is a gift, and I love watching it come to life.
— Pauline steenkamer

Having moved from Holland to Hong Kong at the age of 10 Pauline Steenkamer, founder and owner of Nosara Design had the opportunity to visit many tropical countries and loved staying at all the great resorts. To her, the nicer the better, the more high end the more inspiration she found herself experiencing at such a young age. 

Growing up in Hong Kong living the expat life style Pauline learned how to shop and bargain for the fantastic goods on the Hong Kong lanes.

Soon after leaving Hong Kong, Pauline started modeling at the age of 14 and ran her own little business book-keeping with the different agencies for fashion shoots,  sportswear and shows. At the age of 16 she moved to Amsterdam and a couple of months later I moved in with a fashion photographer living in Paris. Her schooling for design was experienced through living in different parts of the world - 3 years in Paris, 1 year in Milan and 1 year in Spain. Throughout these travels, and job(s) as a model, with artists, photographers and fashion houses, she developed her true eye for luxurious aesthetics.

As she continued her journey, the name Costa Rica started becoming a recurring theme and a great opportunity to buy land and live well among wonderful people seemed too hard to pass up. Pauline set in motion her mission to design the luxurious resorts she travelled to throughout her adolescence and create a total paradise on the white beaches amidst the jungle.

Piece by piece, her properties started coming to life; each with beautiful hand-made and sometimes custom-made furniture, interior selections that brought comfort and beauty inside and exteriors patios, terraces and pools designed as a pure respite for all who found themselves relaxing among the properties.

Pauline's years of experience dealing with the different and often extreme climates, and knowing how to design to create that high-end aesthetic in an otherwise difficult circumstance had made Nosara Design the premier interior and exterior design firm in Costa Rica


—  Nosara Design Press —